Crane Flies may look like huge Mosquitos but they are not. They pupate out of the grass and soil areas of your yard and are plentiful this spring already. Harmless but very distracting.

The Earwig or (pincherbug) can be found throughout your yard, foundation, fence lines, trash cans, and anywhere else you can find clutter. Don't let the pinchers scare you they cannot pierce your skin.

Odorous House Ants have been very active here in Corona and Riverside this summer. Half the size of an Argentine ant and a dark shiny black color. You can find them throughout a house looking for food and water.

Brown Widows and Black Widows get sometimes confused as the same spider but they are not. Both have completely different characteristics. Both are still venomous, so be careful.

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Paper Wasp are very common from Spring to early Fall. They will build these paper nests out of a water source and dry grass or weeds. They can sting when provoked. I will cover these wasps for no extra charge (As long as they are reachable) on all regular services. 

Oriental Roach or (Waterbugs) and the American Roach can be found lurking in your garage or trash areas. Very common this time of year but can be seen all year if the food and water is plentiful. These are also covered under my regular service.

"Please stay safe with Covid-19 . Be aware of your surroundings and follow the CDC guidelines."  If your looking for a pest control guy with over 35 years of professional experience in all fields of pest control. Give me a text. One of the lowest One-time, Monthly, and Bi-Monthly prices in Corona (92879-92883) and Riverside County (92503-92509). You can text me at 951-768-4944..


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